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Bit Number
u8 known, u8 flags, u8 mcs
Required Alignment

The mcs field indicates the MCS rate index as in IEEE_802.11n-2009

The known field indicates which information is known:

flag definition
0x01 bandwidth
0x02 MCS index known (in mcs part of the field)
0x04 guard interval
0x08 HT format
0x10 FEC type
0x20 STBC known
0x40 Ness known (Number of extension spatial streams)
0x80 Ness data - bit 1 (MSB) of Number of extension spatial streams

The flags field is any combination of the following:

flag definition
0x03 bandwidth - 0: 20, 1: 40, 2: 20L, 3: 20U
0x04 guard interval - 0: long GI, 1: short GI
0x08 HT format - 0: mixed, 1: greenfield
0x10 FEC type - 0: BCC, 1: LDPC
0x60 Number of STBC streams
0x80 Ness - bit 0 (LSB) of Number of extension spatial streams