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Bit Number


Required Alignment

This field contains data from a SIG-B per-user field for those extra users for which the data may not have been captured. This field isn’t normally necessary; if an HE_MU PPDU was captured then typically only one of the many users will be captured, in which case all data can be encoded in the HE and HE-MU fields.

In case more of the SIG-B could be captured, this field allows having data data captured in radiotap. It’s allowed but not necessary to have this field also for the user whose data was captured.

Note that the MCS/DCM/etc. configuration for the captured data is already encoded in the regular HE field, and for the SIG-B it’s part of the HE-MU field.

The split into parts 1 and 2 allows packing this more densely due to then requiring alignment of only two.


0x7fff B0-B14 of the HE-SIG-B user field as in spec
0x8000 (reserved)


0x003f B15-B20 of the HE-SIG-B user field as in spec
0xffc0 (reserved)


This contains the position of this user field, starting from 0.


0x01 user field position known
0x02 STA-ID known (B0-10)
0x04 NSTS known (B11-13, only for non-MU-MIMO)
0x08 Tx Beamforming known (B14, only for non-MU-MIMO)
0x10 Spatial Configuration known (B11-B14, only for MU-MIMO)
0x20 MCS known (B15-18)
0x40 DCM known (B19)
0x80 Coding known (B20)