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TX flags

Bit Number
u16 flags
Required Alignment

Properties of transmitted frames.

mask meaning
0x0001 Transmission failed due to excessive retries
0x0002 Transmission used CTS-to-self protection
0x0004 Transmission used RTS/CTS handshake
0x0008 Transmission shall not expect an ACK frame and not retry when no ACK is received
0x0010 Transmission includes a pre-configured sequence number that should not be changed by the driver’s TX handlers
0x0020 Transmission should not be reordered relative to other frames that have this flag set


The no-ack bit (0x0008) is used for uses of radiotap when frames are sent. Similarly, the no-seq bit (0x0010) is used to allow userspace to send frames with a specific sequence number (e.g. when transmitting fragments of a single frame one-by-one). When it is set, the frame should be transmitted with the sequence number included in the 802.11 MAC header of the frame as received from userspace, regardless of the state of the sequence counters in driver/hardware.

When the DONT_REORDER bit (0x0020) is set, injected frames aren’t reordered relative to other frames that also have this bit set (even when these frames have different QoS TID values).